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AP Load Balance Based Handover in Software Defined Wifi Systems

Nahida Kiran  
【摘要】:Existing wireless systems rely on closed,proprietary and inflexible hardware based architectures both at the radio front end and in the core network.It couldn't work efficiently under changing environment.It is hard for an operator to implement the services and change the network strategy under heavy load.This thesis explores the introduction of moving stand-alone access points to flexible,scalable and resilient network architecture with a centralized controller and underlying physical forwarding devices which can only be realized by the software defined networking paradigm.Software defined network(SDN)often referred to as a revolutionary new idea in computer networks,which promises to simplify network control,management and enable innovation through network programmability.SDN is an open,dynamic,innovative,scalable and manageable centralized architecture and extensively adopted in-data centers and enterprise networks.Implementing the concept of SDN in wireless networks to bring change in the existing traditional proprietary Wi-Fi networks,to make the network infrastructure so simple and flexible,so that vendors can implement and test their designed algorithms without disturbing the network devices.To get rid of Wi-Fi stand-alone access points and to move them to the centralized controller based architecture by adding Open-Flow devices.A system is proposed which could handle the access points from a centralized controller and helps the mobile stations how and when to connect with the right AP and take efficient handover based on AP load.New interface is added with the station and its traffic is tested at different positions.The experimental results show that mobile station is connecting with the APs using different interfaces and sharing data with the server from AP2.The roaming station takes handover from the highly loaded AP to the lightly loaded AP based on the number of stations connected with APs.

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