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Analysis of Timber Tracking System in Thailand

Utharat Pupaiboon  
【摘要】:Nowadays Thailand faces preparation for potential negotiations with the European Union, ASEAN's agreement and international organizations in the field of sustainable forest management. On the one hand Thailand has been a significant net exporter of forest products and on the other timber trade is under increasing competitive pressure from the international commitment of sustainable forest management. In addition, the government in its drive to make Thailand one of the largest furniture production centers in Asia. Hence Thailand needs to build up standards of performance, which represent that their Thai timber products come from legal and sustainable sources. In2010, an action plan pilot project on electronic-Timber Tracking System (e-TTS) was set up by cooperation between Royal Forest Department (RFD) and Department of Customs in Thailand. The Timber Tracking System (initiative e-TTS) needed to be analyzed and reported on. The research was carried out in Bangkok and Samutprakran Province in Thailand. This research study is based on qualitative methodology to find out the developing process of the timber tracking system in Thailand. The study has investigated not only the initiative e-TTS, but also current system of timber controlling of RFD. The study found that Thailand's timber tracking system was created using electronic equipment in order to manage the database and network information exchange for National Single Window (web-based application). It has been developed based on the Chain of Custody Guidelines:Pan-ASEAN Timber Certification Initiative, Draft2.028March2009. The system is not developed only for facilitating imported and exported timbers and timber products but also for enhancing former Chain of Custody paper-based documentation system. The new system also increase qualitative of database management and strengthens control information exchange through Chain of Custody by network. Moreover, the digital system provides beneficial for the real-time information of entire wood supply chains.

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