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【摘要】: In the sever competition and constantly changeable international environment, profits determine the ups and downs of every enterprise. In order to realize their strategic objectives, the maximum of the profit, the enterprises have to implement their marketing programs with the illicit and unethical means when they do marketing. What they do is just like adverse current in the business torrent, which abominably affects the normal order of market economy. But the marketing policies like these, which contempt the ethic principles and offend the laws and the public awareness as well, sometimes will succeed by pure chance. Nevertheless, with China's entry into WTO, the international economic community demands more about the integrity and justice and equality on the economic participants. Any fraud activities will have to withdraw the history arenas and be replaced by the fair operational models featured by the ethics. However, it is the marketing department that deals with the company's ethics building and its publicity. And it is marketing activities that embody and realize the companies' images and credits in the minds of the public. So from this standpoint, I'd like to introduce and analyze the ethical issues relevant to marketing. There are three parts in all in this paper. In the spirit of Confucianism, the first part generalizes the background and current situation of the marketing ethics and introduces the behaviors which can possibly result in ethical issues. The second part shows the existing and potential ethical problems in the current marketing activities, which are concerned about the customer, product, competition, green marketing and environmental protection and advertising promotion etc. The third part proposes the advice and suggestions about how to solve the ethical problems mentioned above. For example, we can do it by school education and firm training to achieve it, and then by setting up ethical supervising mechanism to regulate it and moralize the top leaders to implement and WP=5 strengthen it. Meanwhile, we have to advocate the external environmental forces like public societies, the world-wide governments and industry associations to make a joint efforts to oversee the found and implementation of the ethical systems . Unfortunately, I've being greatly challenged since I decided to do some research about marketing ethics. Partly because of the unavailability of concerned information, partly because of the absence of existing models to follow, I have from time to time to rack my brains to display something new. But finally I found my efforts approximately abortive because the paper is also featured for its unavoidable mistakes and inaccuracy. I sincerely ask for your valuable advice and suggestions with which I can further my research in more rewarding direction. Thanks.

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