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Implementation of New Scheme on Indian Power System for Distance Relay Operation in Zone 3 to Avoid Power System Blackout

Muhammad Javed Iqbal(简一)  
【摘要】:In July 2012 there was blackout in India. As the result of this disturbance there were two blackouts. In first blackout only the Northern Grid was affected but in the second blackout Northern, Eastern and North-Eastern grid collapsed. A committee formed by the government analyzed the events that resulted in the collapse of system and pointed out no of factors that lead to disturbance.Whole grid collapsed under load encroachment condition. In this thesis different factors have been analyzed using PSCAD simulation and solutions have been proposed.Approximate model of Indian power system has been developed in PSCAD using approximate parameters given in Grid Failure Report issued by the Indian government. Increase in installed capacity of power system and its impact on system frequency and rotor angle has been studied.A new algorithm has been proposed for distance relay operation in Zone 3 to avoid power system blackout using Indian grid model. One of the main factors that lead to the collapse of whole system was the operation of zone 3 distance relay on 400kV Bina-Gwalior Line. This scheme will improve system stability under heavy load conditions. A simplified model in PSCAD was established in order to study the zone 3 protection of distance relay.

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