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Research on Fisheries Investment Attraction in Equatorial Guinea

【摘要】:Fisheries production and growth,especially from the marine sector,are significant for the socioeconomic growth of Equatorial Guinea and its significant contribution to the country's economic development the Gross Domestic Product or GDP.Equatorial Guinea is blessed with a lot of marine fisheries resources that could increase the production of fish.Yet,initial supply from the production of domestic is far below the fish needs of the public.My research is mainly focused on investment attraction in Equatorial Guinea in the sector of fisheries and also focused on marine fisheries.The research adopted a desk review approach.it's mainly divided into different sections and chapters such as the Equatorial Guinea fisheries sector,marine fisheries resources in Equatorial Guinea,the status of marine fisheries production and growth in Equatorial Guinea,influential factors of investment,and current situations of investment in the fisheries sector of Equatorial Guinea.This research will also provide problem analysis on fisheries investment in Equatorial Guinea,and also gives some policy suggestions on increasing investment in Equatorial Guinea.This paper mainly concludes that the contribution of aquaculture to marine fisheries growth has been low,in contrast to the marine capture fisheries growth in Equatorial Guinea.The research will also demonstrate that despite the availability of rules and regulations,noncompliance by fisher folks has not helped to enhance marine fisheries growth in Equatorial Guinea.Therefore,mainly recommends that the culture of marine fishes should be intensified in order to increase the investment in the Fishery sector in Equatorial Guinea.In most economic sectors,enhances capital and investments are often considered virtuous,mainly showing confidence in the future and expected development.in the sector of fisheries,however,investments are often harmful,as they may lead to enhances incapacity of the fleet,which is not desirable considering the fully exploited status of most fish stocks.

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