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Research on Thai Transliteration Input Method for Thai Language

Rachata Watthanawong  
【摘要】:The current Thai input methods cannot respond the desire to the input method for the future mobile phone and other device which will come. Almost current Thai input methods are direct mapping method. They are inconvenient and difficult to remember the position of input keys. This research provides Thai transliteration method, a new input method for Thai language. Thai transliteration input method of Thai letters is by means of the Roman letters that represent the Thai pronunciation. The benefit of it is improving the typing operation for non-native Thai speaker or people who accustom to only Roman keyboard. There are five key researches in this paper. Firstly, study the input method in Thailand consists of input method on computer and mobile phone. And introduce the input method in East Asian language such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean including the predictive entry based on phonetics. Secondly, represent on Transliteration rule for Thai language and create new Thai transliteration rule for input method. Thirdly, study the principle of N-gram models for transliteration method of Thai and modify the N-gram model for predicting the text entry based on phonetics and dictionary. Fourthly, study on decoding method including Viterbi algorithm and A* decoding. In addition, put forward an improved decoding method using Dynamic A* Decoding for input method. Finally, create the dictionary and implement the Thai input method software by using C++language and Qt framework.

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