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Peformance Analysis and Optimization for Wireless Caching in 5G Networks

【摘要】:The 5th generation wireless networks ought to offer speedy and dependable connectivity while managing the growing of mobile traffic.It's far of paramount significance that the desired sources,along with energy and bandwidth,do now not scale with traffic.At the same time as network traffic is growing at an unprecedented rate,customers tend to request the same popular contents/movies at one of a kind time instants.Consequently,caching is a promising approach to lessen the redundant transmissions of popular video/films over back-haul channels and mitigate interference.In this thesis we present caching in two distinctive approaches 1)Caching popular videos within the storage of small-mobile base stations,particularly,Small-cell caching of big videos in the storage of Small-mobile Base Stations,that is an powerful engineering for scaling down the transmission latency thru extenuating more transmissions of huge videos over back-haul traces,2)caching to attain interference management.In the first situation,we keep in mind advertised small-cell caching system comprising of Network service company(NSC),numerous Video retailers(VR),and Mobile customers(MC).The NSC rents its SBSs to the VRs intending benefits.Stackelberg game framework is used for addressing the SBSs as particular kind of resources.The MCs and SBSs as self sustaining Poisson factor approaches(PPP)are used to expand the chance of the proper event that an MC receives video of its alternative immediately from the memory of an SBS thru stochastic geometry concept.Moreover,a Stackelberg game is developed to maximize the common advantage of the NSC and the VRs.We look into the Stackelberg game balance with the useful resource of solving a non-convex optimization method.Therefore,based totally on game theoretic framework,we break up light at the four vital factors with appreciate to their relationship:top-rated pricing of leasing an SBS,SBSs allocation among the VRs,Caching size of the SBSs,and the popularity dispersion of the VRs.Monte-Carlo simulation display that our stochastic geometry-primarily based analytical results,nearly suit the empirical consequences.Mathematical outcomes also are plied for measuring the supposed game-theoretic framework thru demonstrating its performance on pricing and aid assignation.In the second case,we recollect a fashionable network setting placing with caches at each transmitters and receivers,and display methods to utilize caches at each transmitters and receivers to manage the interference and improve the device performance within the physical layer.mainly,we bear in mind a library of L files(e.g.,movies)and wireless network with transmitters and receivers,wherein in each transmitter and each receiver with transmitters and receivers,where in each transmitter and each receiver is geared up with memory cache of a certain size ie every transmitter can seize up file and each receiver can catch up to MR.Every receiver will ask for one of the L files within the library,which wishes to be delivered.The aim is to layout the cache placement(with out previous understanding of receivers' destiny requests)and the communication scheme to maximize the throughput of the delivery.We display that the sum degrees-of-freedom(sum-DoF)is attainable,i.e.,number of the receivers that can be served interference-free concurrently within a factor of 2 for all system parameters,We suggest achievable scheme that exploits the redundancy of the content/video at transmitter's caches to cooperatively zero-force some outgoing interference,and availability of the unintentional content material on the receiver's caches to cancel a number of the incoming interference.For the converse,we show an integer optimization problem which minimizes the quantity of communication blocks needed to deliver any set of asked files to the receivers.Finall we then offer a lower bound on the value of this optimization problem,hence leading to an upper bound on the linear one-shot sum-DoF of the network,which is inside a component of two of the achievable sum-DoF.

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