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Interdependence and Cooperation between Laos-China

【摘要】:Interdependence is seen as a fundamental feature of the modern international system.Interdependence also refers to the influence and constraint of interaction between different actors in the international community.The influence and restraint of such interaction may be symmetrical or asymmetrical to a degree dependent on the role of External "sensitivity" and"vulnerability" size.Between the late 1970s and the mid-80s,the relations between Laos and China have suffered a terrifying challenge due to the complicated international situation,but in 1989,the two countries restored their normal relations,with high degree matching and complementarily in geographical position,society and culture,as well as economical features and development strategy.Both countries have a broad prospect for cooperation,offering a lot of investment opportunities for their enterprises.On the other hand,it has been important for the countries of Southeast Asia,the creation of ASEAN,where the countries that make up this group,pursue the same objectives of economic development and better quality of life for their populations.Within this association of countries,the developing nations will be able to benefit from the experiences of the more developed countries and to obtain cooperation especially in social and economic aspects.Today,China is an important partner for ASEAN;it is the second largest economy in the world and has managed to lift as many people from poverty globally in a short time.For Laos,its integration with ASEAN and with the People's Republic of China,has been prevalent for its economic growth in recent years,the CUA has been reflected in the rise of its GDP,its international trade and the increase in foreign investment in Investment projects in infrastructure,mining,agriculture,etc.This research wants to analyze the interdependence and cooperation between Laos and China,especially in political,economic(trade and investment),cultural and social matters.A special case will also be addressed as an example,which is the presence of Chinese companies in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.Additionally,cooperation from China to Laos under the ASEAN framework will be analyzed.This paper is divided into six chapters:The first chapter includes the introduction part.This chapter mainly elaborates the research background,the motivation and objectives of the research,the significance and the research methodology used.The second chapter is the Literature review,where we make a summary of the main theories related to the interdependence and cooperation between countries.It also has some information about what the SEZ are and a brief comment on ASEAN duties.In the third chapter we analyze the subjects on cooperation between China and Laos in different aspects.The chapter will describe the political,economic,educational and social relationship between both countries along the years.The fourth chapter presents the case of the cooperation between Laos and China in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone(SarmliemDen Kham Special Economic Zone).We will identify the Chinese investments and also describe the system of the organization,management and administration in the SEZ.There will also be a description of how companies should do to establish themselves in the SEZs in Laos.The requirements and procedures to be met by local and foreign companies to invest and the stages to be initiated with government institutions will be provided.The fifth chapter will discuss how cooperation is in the various activities between Laos and China in the framework of ASEAN.A brief introduction will be made of the operation and operation of this organism and the countries that make it up.The relationship between China and ASEAN and free trade between the two sides will also be identified.Chapter six will provide the conclusions to which the present investigation has come.References from all bibliographic sources consulted by the author to carry out this investigation will be mentioned in chapter six.

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