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【摘要】:The basic purpose of the present work is to argue and demonstrae the value to criticism of an analytic method drawn from linguistics; these claims stem from the belief by the British linguist Roger Fowler that "analysis based on the confident use of proper linguistic terms is better equipped for this task than an amateur commentary using only quasi-grammatical terms." Accordingly, this work mainly concentrates on the theory of critical language study by Fowler and other critical linguists, aiming to expose the influence of ideology to text and the counteractive of text to ideology through the superficial form of language from the angle of linguistics, sociology, and psychology, and to reveal how language and text originates from social structure and power relationship and in return serve them. In illustrating the above-mentioned idea, this work falls into several parts: Section I discusses critical linguistics in terms of its concerns and development. Under the influence of the "theory of critical sociology" advocated by the western Marxism of the Frankford School, critical linguistics holds that language as the industrial media of ideology in television, newspapers and so on also serves in defemse of ideology; - VII - therefOre, a critical study frOm the angle of lingUistic analysis can be conducted. SinGe the British lingUists Roger Fowler and Gunther Kress first initiated this concept in l979, it has obtained a history of over 20 years, its UnPact on soclal linguistics and discourse analysis has become more and more strongly felt in linguistic circle. Section II gives a brief overview to the theoretical foundaions of critical linguistics. Taking the modem critical theory ill literatUr as its baCkgrund, critical lingUistics on the one hand manages to adopt some' concemed theOries in literatUre and makes them available. In Which the theOry of defamiliedzation in the Russian formalism, dialogism by Bthetin, point of view by Uspensky and GenettC, as well as the French poststructuralism have all been popular in literare stUdy and can be aPplied u u in literary critical analysis. In linguistics, on the other hand, critical lingUistics mainly absorbs the hypothesis of the relationship betWeen language and thought by the American anthropologist Edward SaPir and Benjamin Lee Whorf as well as Halliday's systematic-funtional grammar Following these, section II continues to exPlore some linguistic concepts involved in critical linguistics such as langUage, text and discourse, and context etc, but focusing on the discussion of the central idea of ideology, and its re1ationship with language. - VlII -Section III locates the core of this work, which is also the theoretical stress tbr critical linguistics to obtain its feasibility of development at the present time. As a branch of insthemental lingUistics, the analy'tic methodology of critical lingUistics refers extensively to the most rePresentatlve IingUistic theory of the modem time, especially the systematic-functional grammar represented by Halliday Based on the three metafunctions of langUage raised by Halliday critical lingUistics carries on an exPloration at a meaningful level, but the stUdy of the prOblem of . transformation in ''universal graInInar' by Chomsky also offerS critidal lingUistics inspiraions in a larg sense. Section IV contriutes to the part of case analysis. Thrugh mpica1 illustrations of some real texts in the westem news media (i.e. neWSPaPer), o u this work thus Mer proves the necessity in processing a critical study of langUage, as well as the value and the realistic significance for the exlstence of critical linguistics. The last section ends the work with such a conclusion; ideology existS in all kinds of texts including literary works, it is concealed behind the language smicture of text, exerting its influence in a subt1e way Being accustomed to it, or actuaIly covered by it, people usualIy turn a deaf ear to lt, spreading even inte

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