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【摘要】:Thailand is the one of famous country in the world which recourses are diverse such as mountains, temples and beach. Many visitors chose Thailand as the destination for leisure, shopping for their holiday which made Thailand gains the large number of revenue for this industry per year. So far, Thailand had met the bad situation in last 10 years as the economic crisis, city war, and southern continues insurgency even though corruption. All these cause damage Thailand tourism industry into the bad condition. This research studied the problem of Thailand tourism industry and the effect from economic factors and the purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of economic policy areas on the number of tourism coming into Thailand each period of the government. And to consider the result of how effectively of enforcing the current policy is the interesting topic such as Thai political crisis, southern continues insurgency and the other related factors. By took the statistic of tourist which came to Thailand and Krabi province from 2005 to 2009. The information was collected by the Tourism authority of Thailand and some from the questionnaires by took the data from the tourist in Krabi province. As the result, the main effect from Thai Political is still pressed the tourist industry which made the number of tourist came to Thailand decrease in 2009 and many more in Krabi province. The tourists still consider Thai economic condition and alert with the daily bombs in Bangkok or news. There are many tourists which impressed in Thai traveling and hope that the bad things will change into the good way as soon as it can.

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