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Complications Following the Management of Open Comminuted Mandibular Fractures with Open Reduction and Stable Internal Fixation

【摘要】:Objectives The objective of this study was to compare the postoperative complications in562mandibular fractures patients, treated by open reduction and stable internal fixation (ORIF). This study assesses the various complications that were encountered following the treatmentof isolated comminuted mandibular fractures with open reduction and stable internal fixationbetween2005to2012. The most common age group involved was20-50years and thecommon cause of fractures was road traffic accidents (53.3%), followed by assault (23.67%).Most common site of fractures was at the angle of the mandible (36.7%) followed byparasymphysis (30%). Patients were divided in two treatment group, rigid internal fixationand semi rigid fixation. Data regarding the complication outcomes was evaluated andreviewed. Materials and methods- A study was performed from articles published from Pub Med, SCI and Cochrane databaseover a period of2005to2012. A total of562cases of isolated comminuted mandibularfractures were reported. The patients were treated with semi rigid and rigid fixationtechniques. Data were collected to evaluate for post-operative complications in terms ofinfection, mal-union, malocclusion and sensory disturbances. Results-infection was seen to be more in semi rigid fixation when compared to rigid fixation.(16%vs.8%) whereas malocclusion (12%), malunion (12%) and sensory disturbances (16%) were maximally found in rigid fixation technique. However in this study the post-operativecomplications in either of the techniques were not significant. Conclusion-In this study only primary complications were analyzed where latecomplications can also occur. Such developments may be determined unless a longer term ofpatient assessment is performed.

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