《武汉理工大学》 2007年
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All-bail, Mohammed Mohammed Saleh  
【摘要】: This thesis involved the description, implementation and testing of AC induction motor control system based on programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to monitor and control of floodgates to monitor and control the flood and manage the water. The main aim of the thesis is to construct three kind of the control, they are; manual, Local, and Remote control system and achieve the opening control of six gates in Futiansi floodgate project on the base of applying modern computer technology, communication technology, automation and real-time control technology. The programming of the PLC is called ladder logic diagram, once this program has been written, it is downloaded from a PC to PLC via the RS-232 serial port of the PC to the RS-485 serial port of the PLC. In the PC which is in the control room, the webAccess software is installed, and manageable control interface is designed by another work, to accomplish to gather the data and carry the data to the PLC. Real time control software is provided with some functions such as receive and save the data, real-time control of the gates, control of the decision-making, the management of system safety to give an alarm to inquire about statistic of the data. On the remote control type, three stations are adopted to realize remote exchange of the data. Through diversified web safe technology, the distributed safe control web is built finally The electrical circuit of the Futiansi floodgate project is discussed in this thesis as well as the specifications of the components of the monitoring and control system. The implementation has proved that the floodgate control system can be accurately and steadily on the base of PLC.

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