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The Impact of Financial and Non-Financial Reward on Employee's Motivation

Salih Murtada Salih Mohamed  
【摘要】:The purpose of this study was to explore the impact reward systems have on employee motivation at the Sudatel Telecom Group in Sudan beyond the specific content covered in such interventions,and how employee type(full-time and part-time)might moderate those effects.The study also not only discusses that employee motivation is imperative for the overall organizational performance,but also talks about how to retain a motivated workforce.Factors enhancing employee motivation may be differing from one organization to the other.Quantitative research methodology has been adopted in this study.A survey was conducted in trying getting an insight about their rewards and motivation.The researcher has found from the survey that there are different factors that influence the motivation of employees in their jobs which can be classified into two broad categories;financial and non-financial rewards.Although financial rewards are important for employee motivation in developing countries like Sudan,where the inflation rate is so high that people are struggling hard to retain their social status but the importance of other rewards cannot even be discriminated.This research was targeted at 300 staffs employed at the Sudatel Telecom Group in Sudan.Results of the regression analysis,that the relationship between financial reward and non-financial reward,and employee motivation are statistically significant and positively correlated.Similarly,results of regression analysis show an even stronger relationship for employee type.This result confirms that the employee type plays an important role as a moderating variable in the employee motivation models of the Sudatel Telecom Group sample.Thus the findings draw attention to the relevance of employee type in moderating the effects rewards have in influencing employee motivation in such a way that rewards have a more positive influence on employee motivation for full-time employee than for part-time employee.The study provides a basis to understand the issues of employee motivation in organizations.It is a good contributor to the knowledge world of human resource management which explores the factors that influence motivation of employees and provide a solution to the problems faced by employees at their jobs.The study also recommends the management of the studied organization to pay more attention to the problems of employee satisfaction for the overall benefits of the organization.

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