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Bio-degradable Osteosynthesis System in Treatment of Orthognathic Surgeries and Fractures

【摘要】:Rigid internal fixation using AO system, Luhr systemother systems areestablished systems in treatment of orthodontic surgeries and fractures. Mostof the time results are satisfactory. Until recently, unfortunately theseestablished treatments have certain inherent disadvantages namely:increasing complaint from patients that they feel the presence of foreignbody at fracture site, and in some minor cases local tissue reactions,secondary infection. Despite use of titanium,ther could be galvanic currentreactions and corrosion in some cases. To overcome these problems intitanium fixations, the bio-degradable plating system (PDLLA Poly-l-Lactide acid) is used and the following objectives have been taken into studyin this thesis. OBJECTIVES 1. To highlight the possible benefits of bio-degradable plates inorthognathic surgeries and fractures where removal of the plates canbe avoided using the Sonic Weld Rx system. 2. To highlight the post operative results of the patients in which theresorbable plates and screws were used. RESULTS The results of our study show that resorbable plates can besuccessfully used in maxillofacial orthognathic surgeries and fractures. Theyhave more advantages than conventional metal plates and screws. Selectionof cases should be carefully done in view of the cost factor. The material ishighly technique sensitive and complex in handling which would be achallenge to the unfamiliar operator of this system. Conclusion: Radiographs and CT scans have proved to be essential aid in assessingthe healing of the fractured bone segments using resorbable plates andscrews -No implant related complications seen in our study over a period of12months. -Fracture stability of all the cases seen post-operatively with bio-resorbable plates and screws in this study . MATERIALS AND METHODS -6cases of orthognathic surgeries requiring Lefort1osteotomy andSaggital split osteotomy,at the Affilated stomatologyhospital,Chongqing medical university, wereselected for this study. -A four hole plate with2.5mm thickness,L shaped plates andresorbable mesh,was used,supplied by theSonicWeld Rx system company. -Efforts had been made through the study of6cases in maxillary andmandibular osteotomy in patients ranging between25to40yearsPatients requiring orthognathic surgery,with normalpathophysology were selected. Serial radiographs were done atintervals of2months,4months,8months and12months to assesthe healing of the fractured segments

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