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阿必赛(Abisai Ilifavali Ndeunjema)  
【摘要】:In Namibia,Windhoek city,considerable investment is needed for geotechnical data acquisition and rock mass exploration for safe foundation design.Windhoek city is experiencing increased civil development.However,geotechnical investigations around the Windhoek central business district are faced by challenges such disparate data sources,costly geotechnical survey,and inefficient data analysis techniques.This thesis focuses on utilizing systematic exploratory data analysis for the rock mass parameters of the Pahl Fault Zone passing through Windhoek city,central business district.Importantly,there is insufficient research on the Pahl Fault Zone rock mass parameters such as RQD,fracture frequency and fault gouge depth.The thesis aims to improve research on the Pahl fault by employing geomorphologic analysis,scanline mapping,descriptive statistics,exploratory data analysis and regression modelling for rock mass classification and characterization.The main statistical tools used were histograms,scatterplots,stereonets,statistical programming,margin plots and maps.Additionally,regression modelling was used to establish a linear multivariate linear relationship between RQD,depth and fracture frequency.Scanline mapping survey yielded a total length of 120.5 m from 10 scanline points.Likewise,the average joint spacing of the scanline points is 0.664 m with a standard deviation of0.3828.Joint orientation data indicated steep dips(NW and NEE)with angles between 40-90o.Scanline RQD* and joint spacing histograms showed skewed negative distribution.The skewed distributions indicate lack of normality inherent with geological data.Moreover,Schmidt hammer tests were tested for the rock mass uniaxial compressive strength which ranged from 18-35 Mpa,indicating a weak rock.However,comparing scanline and borehole compressive strength data,the analysis showed the rock mass becomes stronger with increasing depth.Multivariate regression modelling was analyzed to establish a relationship between RQD,fracture frequency and depth.The result yielded a power relationship between RQD and borehole depth with a brink point at 10 meters whereby a steep increase in RQD is associated with depths greater than 10 meters.The power relation is caused by high fracturing,anisotropy,and weathering at shallow depths(below 10 meters)and low fracture zone above 10 meters.From statistical correlation coefficient and p-values analysis shows there is a high correlation between RQD,depth,fracture frequency.Mathematical formulations were proposed for RQD,depth and fracture frequency.Finally,spatial maps were produced using ArcGIS to classify thesurficial rock mass based on the spatial influence of parameters(RQD,stability,weathering etc.).The geotechnical maps can help geotechnical engineers in planning cost-effective geotechnical investigations and saving excavation input in poor rock zones.

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1 巴以萨(Bayisa Regassa);[D];中国地质大学(北京);2018年
2 王晶;ROCK蛋白表达和活性改变对视网膜母细胞瘤细胞运动表型的影响研究[D];上海交通大学;2013年
3 刘焕龙;ROCK抑制剂法舒地尔对脂多糖致大鼠肺微血管内皮细胞损伤的保护作用及机制研究[D];河北医科大学;2014年
4 王晓明;ROCK信号转导在大鼠慢性脑低灌注致认知功能障碍中作用研究[D];吉林大学;2009年
5 李菲;β-细辛醚靶向ROCK通路抗阿尔茨海默病神经突触损伤的分子机制[D];广州中医药大学;2015年
6 王继红;枸杞多糖对糖尿病大鼠血—视网膜屏障的保护作用及ROCK通路表达的机理研究[D];辽宁中医药大学;2010年
7 王忠超;RhoA/BK_(Ca)-ROCK通路在模拟失重大鼠动脉重建中的作用[D];第四军医大学;2016年
8 焦轶;映山红花总黄酮抗心肌缺血损伤作用的H_2S介导ROCK通路抑制机制[D];安徽医科大学;2015年
9 王旌;基于高阶谱元与刚性浸入耦合的数值分析方法与突涌水模拟研究[D];山东大学;2017年
10 黄高翔;1、ROCK在糖皮质激素促进黑色素瘤迁移、侵袭中的作用 2、低氧上调巨噬细胞中RhoB表达的生物学意义[D];第二军医大学;2016年
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1 阿必赛(Abisai Ilifavali Ndeunjema);断层岩体分类的岩土勘探资料分析[D];中国地质大学(北京);2017年
2 Jocelia Jaywloh Taplah;土工格栅加筋边坡稳定性分析[D];武汉理工大学;2015年
3 杨福春;ROCK亚型在血管平滑肌细胞迁移和增殖中的作用[D];大连医科大学;2009年
4 雷舜;ROCK激酶在Ⅱ型登革病毒感染诱导波形蛋白纤维重排中的作用研究[D];第三军医大学;2012年
5 林海双;ROCKⅠ对PDGF介导血管平滑肌细胞迁移分子机制的研究[D];大连医科大学;2011年
6 马玲;ROCK抑制剂在角膜缘干细胞体外扩增和保存中的作用研究[D];青岛大学;2012年
7 张建军;ROCK抑制剂—法舒地尔对大鼠脊髓损伤修复用的实验研究[D];天津医科大学;2010年
8 高一萍;ROCK信号通路与阻塞性睡眠呼吸暂停低通气综合征合并高血压模型血管重构相关性的实验研究[D];桂林医学院;2016年
9 漆秀洁;Rock抑制剂法舒地尔在高氧致新生大鼠肺纤维化中的作用及相关机制研究[D];重庆医科大学;2014年
10 吕淼;ROCK表达下调对PDGF介导的血管平滑肌细胞迁移、增殖的调控[D];大连医科大学;2011年
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1 著名音乐DJ 曾克;摇滚不过就是rock&roll[N];中国经营报;2010年
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