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【摘要】: Since late 1997 when Chinese Financial Working Conference raised a claim to study and prepare to establish a deposit insurance institution in small and medium-sized financial institutions, the question of establishing deposit insurance institution has been put into agenda. However, this question is not well understood in China. As China has been in the cause of transition economy, the state undertakes all the loss caused by monetary hazards, influenced by the long-term planning economics institution. The public naturally takes it grant that their money deposited in a "state" bank should enjoy an entire state protection. In China, none of the public, banks, and the government has be on to implement a standard institution to protect the depositor' s profit. But, with the deepening of market economy-oriented reform, the monetary hazards have come to be exposed, and more and more problem financial institutions begin to emerge, which has led to regional financial disturbances and a continuous worsening in their n ature. All these have become a pressing matter in our national financial field. In practice, however, due to the lagging of the bank' s market 'economy-oriented reform, the modern financial institution had not been completely established, and the state still undertakes the loss caused by banks' failure in dealing with the risk. Though the current bank sector runs generally smooth and still keeps a stable public confidence, the central bank has felt hard in doing with hazards and problem institutions. Under these circumstances discussions on establishing a finance security net, especially the deposit insurance institution, are becoming increasingly hot, and meanwhile the central government has realized the importance of it and has given support in its policy. In this case, I regard the deposit insurance institution as research object institution and try to bring forth some new ideas. Though the deposit insurance institution has been running for over sixty years after its establishment in other countries across the world, it is still a new subject in China. The only way for China to follow is to import an advanced foreign institution and adapt it to the condition of China, as the establishment of China securities market. However, the situation is^different in the Western world. As an institutional response to the banking梒risis in 1933s, the deposit insurance institution was first established in America. In the past over sixty years, most industrial countries in the West have established the institution, following America in successes. So far, the institution has been widely spreaded throughout the world. Over sixty years of practice has proved that this institution plays an important role in stabilizing the Western finance institution and preventing and solving finance hazards. But the Western research on the finance institution is based on the mature market economy institution. Its plen titude of analysis on the technical institution in running the institution contributed to the completeness and maturity of the framed design of the deposit insurance institution. But China has a different institution condition. The transplanting of a institution is more complicated than that of a technique. It affects the performance of a institution in one country although it might be quite successful in another. Thus this paper aims to analyze the Western deposit insurance institution by the institutional economics analytical frame, and also to analyze , according to our nation' s practical condition, how our nation should appropriately import and establish a deposit insurance institution that is suitable for China. It is a blank spot either at home or abroad to research the deposit insurance institution itself with analysis from the perspective of institutional economics and the theory of institutional changes. This is the very point of departure for this paper. It takes the American deposit insurance institution as its research object, analyzes the institution on the level of institution, attempting to discover

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