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Management of Comprehensive M-learning Business

Alireza Nasiri  
【摘要】: In 2001, when the m-learning project commenced, few people knew about the concept of mobile learning or, indeed, could envisage the potential of mobile devices for learning. There are estimated to be 3.5 billion mobile phones in the world today. This is more than three times the number of personal computers (PCs). M-learning has the potential to improve efficiency in the education sector and expand educational opportunities to underserved communities in remote areas. Mobile learning, or m-learning, is a personal, inconspicuous, spontaneous, "anytime, anywhere" way to learn and to access educational tools and material that enlarges access to education for all. It reinforces learners'sense of ownership of the learning experience, offering them flexibility in how, when and where they learn. In developing countries, mobile technologies potentially deliver education without dependence on an extensive traditional communications infrastructure, leapfrogging some of the intervening development phases encountered in developed countries such as installing extensive electricity power grids, and building multiple computer rooms in educational institutions. Although m-learning experience remains limited, it is becoming a credible, cost-effective component of blended open and distance learning (ODL) provisions, adaptable to an institution's needs and situation. While the benefits of m-learning are growing, there remains a need for better understanding of the impact and role of ICT-enabled education. It is necessary to build awareness among national and local government policymakers and rural communities in order to comprehend the benefits that m-learning can provide and, most importantly, address the inequality in access to education and to ICT. The current business climate for Mobile Learning products and services could hardly be more favorable. The market is growing at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.3% and will reach (?) 1.5 billion by 2011 in US. There is a very large user demographic in place; there are a growing number of sophisticated handheld multimedia devices on the market; operating systems and applications have become quite powerful in terms of functionality and features; innovative user interfaces are now available that mitigate the challenges of the small form factor. These trends create strong growth conditions for Mobile Learning suppliers. It is a "perfect storm" driving the adoption of Mobile Learning. This research works on the managerial issues of m-learning in both environmental and in-house concerns. Environmental issues address to the business and in-house issues address to the organization. In this thesis after having defined what a business model is in this dissertation, it is of course of interest to define what belongs into the m-learning business model. This can be equated with the quest of defining a generic business model with all its elements and relationships. The thesis further argues the external factors of m-learning environment (technology, market and regulation) in order to understanding and developing the m-learning business and the ways these factors influence the business model of m-learning as well. In addition business and management nowadays are significant issues in the m-learning centers. The competition in m-learning reflects the wider agendas of current practice of m-learning issues such as:organization, structure, institutional features even culture and jobs of m-learning institutions. What the appropriate in-house organizational characteristics are to support m-learning service and the m-learning business for m-learning providers has been answered in this research too, which is considered a key to keep m-learning developed and position to succeed in m-learning business. Reported in chapter four is an analysis of a study of an organizational alignment and coordination for m-learning centers by illustration of features, tasks and jobs for m-learning service which are necessary for organizational coordination to support business in m-learning institution.

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