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Design of Virtual Simulation Platform for Photovoltaic Power Generation System

【摘要】:Design of virtual simulation platform for photovoltaic power generation system is proposed here in this work.The virtual lab introduced in this work is designed to get students familiarized with the basics and design algorithms of photovoltaic solar energy station in a virtual platform before entering a real life field.The exploiters of the proposed virtual laboratory are given the ability to ascertain the sizing by choosing parameters of the photovoltaic system that are similar to each other to meet DC and AC loading conditions and lots more.It also aims at the overview to PY system,the PV power generation,the components of the Off-Grid system,the Grid-interface or grid-tied system,model-based design of PV,power generation applications testing of PV,better test coverage in complex systems,advantages and disadvantages of photovoltaics,Platform requirements analysis,Java,Spring framework,Eclipse,Server operation platform and the web server software.It also aims at mounting PV panels,including the Steps for sizing the battery bank,maximum power point trackers(MPPT)and PV tracking system are studied.Some research has been finished in PV Power station and it's virtual simulation,including the PV power station building,PV power station connect to Grid and different connect method is simulated in ETAP software platform.In Energy Management and Control for Islanded Microgrid Using Multi-Agents,including the Microgrid architecture,Microgrid based on CERTS Concept,Multi-agent modelling and implementation and the simulation and result.In Virtual PV Systems and its website development,including the virtual reality,environment configuration,website development,system architecture,simulation results,solar irradiation and temperature effects and PV array with a PMDC motor load are discussed.In the design of website,java language development is used.Eclipse is an open source,Java based extensible development platform.JSP dynamic page technology is more convenient to show our dynamic front page content,and the JSP dynamic web page technology is simple and effective,that is to use HTML to do static development on the front page,does not need to consider the background program logic in the end is how to achieve,just need to focus on your page you can display,which is convenient for the front page and background program is separated,when we need to replace the front page display,do not need to program the realization too much change.The backend data storage using MySQL database,MySQL database is a database of high performance,and it itself is not complicated and the use is simple,sample have rapid development to a new site,without the need to stick to the database system is too complex,so it is of practical significance.The virtual and simulation platform of PV system has important significance both in PV application and PV learning.

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中国博士学位论文全文数据库 前2条
1 Javed Iqbal;羰基官能化的烷基取代喹吖啶酮的合成,表征及应用[D];吉林大学;2011年
2 Camara Sekou Mariama(冼那);[D];东北师范大学;2014年
中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前4条
2 李旻靜(Lee,Minjung);对中国光伏发电产业的经济学分析[D];复旦大学;2012年
3 Alheji,Ayman Khaled B;热电效应的建筑应用研究[D];天津大学;2014年
4 Shumail Mahmood(书迷);巴基斯坦低压电网PV接入的VPP模型研究[D];华北电力大学;2014年
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