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Ibeh Theophilus K  
【摘要】:This thesis investigates two control methods for the stabilization of an inverted pendulum system, the Fuzzy and PID.it also addresses some of the potential benefits of using both controllers to control an inverted pendulum system. Considering which technique and control method is best for the control of pendulum angle and the cart's position. The Inverted pendulum (IP) represents a classical and challenging control problem; this report explores the use of these methods like the proportional Integral Derivative (PID), for controlling the linear systems of the inverted pendulum which requires the accurate mathematical model of the system of which during the control process the cascade PID method was used. And for the FUZZY logic controller which is an artificial Intelligence (AI), was used for the controlling of the non linear system. The stages of the development of a fuzzy logic controller using a four input Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model were presented. This paper is to implement and optimize fuzzy logic control algorithms in order to balance the inverted pendulum. A general analysis has been carried out using the matlab simulink on these controllers and they have proven to stabilize the Inverted pendulum.after a critical assement it was discovered that each have a successful control edge over the other, the fuzzy logic give a more better response to the system based on the specific analysis, like the rise time, settling time, over shoot but yet they both possesses some similar qualities which are also very important in their application methods and theory.

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1 记者 商越;去年我省硕士学位论文抽检合格率达97.52%[N];辽宁日报;2017年
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