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【摘要】:Patrick White (1912-1990), Australia's only Nobel Laureate, has long been the focus of critical attention. A multitude of books, articles and theses have been written on him by people of different nationalities. White, as a symbol in the vision of the Australian readers, has invoked as many praises as dispraises. White has been interpreted from the perspectives of theme, religion, form, language, symbol, post-colonialism, postmodernism, poststructuralism, feminism, queer theory, semiotics and cultural studies. White's work is like a testing ground where all kinds of modern critical tools have been tried.The White criticism is full of completely contradictory and mutually exclusive interpretations. Some focus on the universality in his works, locating him in the European tradition, and attacking him as un-Australian. Some others emphasize White's idiosyncrasies, holding that what and how he writes is purely the result of his peculiarity. Still some accentuate his local relevance, and uphold him as a national myth-maker, who helps narrate the nation into being.The present research argues that White's concern is both universal and local. What is presented in White's novels is the localization of a universal problem. The theme of alienation pervades 20th century consciousness. Yet the sense of loss, alienation, and ambivalence is stronger in Australia for the white settlers. It is true that White's concern of the modern consciousness goes beyond the geographical and cultural boundaries of Australia; it is truer that the past criticism seems to overemphasize his universality to the neglect of his irreducible singularity and local relevance. In addition, those who pay much heed to White's local relevance tend to equate his writing with political pamphlet, and thus undermine the artistic achievement in his novels.White's work is like an immense mine of art, of which some parts are overexploited, some other parts, however, suffer conscious or unconscious oblivion or avoidance. In the babble of critical voices, a sound is muffled, and a kind of spirit predicament, obscured. That is eccentricity. Eccentric souls are animated in the warped universe created by White in his fiction. It is hard to open a book by White without finding an eccentric figure. In addition, the eccentrics tend to appear in groups. White problematizes and centralizes eccentricity, making it the locus of

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1 李静菲;对《人树》的存在主义解读[D];河北师范大学;2019年
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7 刘婧娴;《帕特里克手记》:《日瓦戈医生》的准备之作[D];南京师范大学;2016年
8 张忻波;[D];浙江大学;2004年
9 马莹;心路历程——帕特里克·怀特小说《沃斯》的主题探讨[D];安徽大学;2003年
10 周玉影;论帕特里克·怀特小说中的孤独情愫[D];烟台大学;2013年
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1 任凡;《海边的曼彻斯特》:与悲伤握手言和[N];北京日报;2017年
2 杰弗里·麦克纳布(英) 编译 王琪峰;《海边的曼彻斯特》对悲伤迷茫与自我惩罚的精彩探究[N];中国艺术报;2017年
3 王彦;悲伤,离去永远比来时慢得多[N];文汇报;2017年
4 图南 编译;帕特里克·巴兹:图片故事要好,编辑更加重要[N];中国摄影报;2016年
5 本报记者 徐磊;“多瑙河”眼中的大运河[N];苏州日报;2010年
6 ;美国富翁这样教育子女[N];新华每日电讯;2003年
7 美联社/董敏 译;军队机器人将来可能毁灭世界[N];北京科技报;2009年
8 特约记者 王菲宇;“舞台剧演员”帕特里克[N];第一财经日报;2010年
9 吴桐;太依赖科技,艺术魔力会消失[N];解放日报;2018年
10 任悦;学会与NGO组织打交道[N];中国摄影报;2008年
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