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MRI Quantification of Hepatic and Pancreatic Fat Content in First Degree Relatives of Type2Diabetics

Guduru Harsha  
【摘要】:Aim: To quantify the pancreatic and hepatic fat fractions in young non-obese,normo-glycemic, non-diabetic first degree relatives of Type2Diabetics to identify anyrelationships between the various fat fractions in the body. Methods and Design:In13(male-11,female-2) non obese and normoglycemicFDR(First Degree Relatives) of type2Diabetics aged between21and25(average age21.8) years were selected with Body mass Index19.1-24.4(22.34±1.57) and non diabeticstate was confirmed with Oral Glucose Tolerance test and clinical history. Dual Phase MRItechniques(Dixon) were used to estimate the hepatic, pancreatic fat fractions werecalculated using MRI. Results: Average hepatic fat content was9.46%±4.45%, Pancreatic Fat content was7.80%±3.74%.No significant correlation was found between pancreatic fat content andBMI (P.05), there was significant relationship between hepatic fat content andsubcutaneous fat content(P0.05), hepatic fat content and BMI(P=0.068). However therewas no significant correlation between the hepatic and pancreatic fat content(P.05).. Conclusion: in this group of healthy non-obese volunteers no significantrelationship was found between pancreatic fat content and BMI and while there was norelationship between pancreatic fat content and liver fat content. This is in contrast tosimilar studies done on healthy non-obese non-relatives of diabetics. This sheds some lightthat the deposition of fat in various organs of the body is governed by factors other thangeneralized obesity. This may provide some insight into altered fat deposition in firstdegree relatives of diabetics that may lead to development of insulin resistance.

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