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The Surface Defects Detection Algorithm Based on Computer Vision for Connectors

Alimbekov Abay  
【摘要】:Today's markets demand the highest quality levels with regard to homogenous,patterned,printed,coated,or colored complex surfaces.As an important part of automatic systems,the surface defect detection based on computer vision can ensure the quality of the production.Even the smallest deviations or defects lead to production interruption and decline.Traditional,artificial visual and sampling methods were used to detect the surface detection.However,these methods have a high error rate and affect the efficiency of production greatly.Therefore,the surface defect detection for a special component"connector" is studied in this paper.The research content consists of four main parts:1.First of all,common defect types of connectors are analyzed.According to the structure and image characteristics of the connector,combined with the machine vision defects detection technology,comparison between template and testing image were proposed.The system can be roughly divided into four parts,such as image acquisition,image pre-processing,image registration and connector defect's recognition.2.Some image pre-processing methods were investigated and applied to the connector images.After pre-processing,images are compared and the proper one is selected for the subsequent defect recognition.3.The image registration methods are investigated align the testing image and anchor one in the same coordinate for the comparison and detection in the net step.It is also the main contribution of this thesis.Firstly,the common registration methods based on edge feature detection,SURF and FAST are implemented respectively and compared.Then we propose an improved approach to increase the speed and accuracy utilizing the special characteristics of the connector in edge feature detection.4.After registration,the current test image is compared with the template.It is classified as the correct product ones or with different types of defects.

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