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马晴晴(Wint Mar Shin)  
【摘要】:The scour that occurs around a bridge pier founded in erodible bed material is a complex three-dimensional phenomenon. The analysis and prediction of scour at bridges is complex. In this study, the relationships among field and numerical studies were investigated. Firstly, numerical modeling of two-phase model with a single cylindrical pier was simulated by three dimensional CFD module .Then, numerical modeling of four models which are one bridge from Myanmar and three bridges from United State of America, were modeled by one dimensional HEC-RAS module. Finally, the simulated results were compared with data from field observations and empirical scour prediction formulas by analytical methods. In 3-D simulation, scour prediction did not reach to the equilibrium condition because of the lack of CPU requirements .Change of velocity magnitudes and development of scour around pier were found reasonably. In 1-D simulation, reasonable agreement between field and model simulation outputs for velocity distribution and scour depth upstream of the bridge pier at four different field sites Simulated scour depths are close to the HEC-18 and Froehlich (1988) formulas at low values of Fr_1, and while Fr_1 continuously increases, the relative scour depths were among the values of HEC-18 and Froehlich (1991) formulas. Smaller sediment size relative to the pier width (larger values of b/d_(50) ) can increase the scour process effectively in all studied cases.

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1 钱成;二维异孔共价有机框架构筑新策略的研究[D];湖南大学;2018年
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15 Khandoker Mohammed Mominul Haque;[D];大连理工大学;2008年
16 Wael Waleed Alhasan;[D];东南大学;2019年
17 张勇;[D];山东大学;2012年
18 Saad Ahmed Munir;[D];北京邮电大学;2008年
19 INAMULLAH KHAN;[D];西南交通大学;2016年
20 Ibrahim Khider Eltahir Khider;[D];华中科技大学;2008年
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1 马晴晴(Wint Mar Shin);用Fluent和HEC-RAS对桥墩周围冲刷的数值研究[D];河海大学;2007年
2 吴过;桩墩影响的一维和二维水动力数值研究[D];河海大学;2007年
3 陈香珍(Tin Aye Chan Moe);桩墩影响的二维水动力数值研究[D];河海大学;2006年
4 Lemington;[D];上海交通大学;2018年
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6 王诗涵;从吉尔精力模型出发探讨英汉交传数字口译的笔记方法[D];外交学院;2019年
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13 Kathawach Satianpakiranakorn;[D];哈尔滨工程大学;2011年
14 Mariem OMRANI;[D];上海交通大学;2019年
15 王婷;[D];西南交通大学;2016年
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19 Turiho Jean Claude;[D];湖南大学;2010年
20 Shawn Sudheer Sagar;[D];华南理工大学;2020年
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1 李尖 温萱;撤销了16年的桥墩法庭恢复设立[N];温州日报;2019年
2 本报记者 甘凌峰 王艳琼;一个月饼如何讲好非遗故事[N];浙江日报;2019年
3 通讯员 王江 本报记者 盛利;像“搭积木”一样拼装桥墩[N];科技日报;2018年
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6 记者 杜振杰;桥墩爆破解体 抢险搜寻加速[N];中国安全生产报;2007年
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