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Evaluation of a Proposed Landscape Photograph Simulation Method, Urban Green Space Function(s), and Landscape Plants Spectral Features

Ochieng Aggrey Adimo  
【摘要】:This study was done in two main parts; the first part in this paper presents results of an attempt to carryout a comprehensive urban green space aesthetic evaluation (visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory factors) and objectively asses a proposed photographing, photograph selection and panel constitution for visual quality evaluation. This was aimed at addressing issues of possible incompetence on the part of photographers in taking photographs for near view scenic beauty evaluation, bias in scene and photograph selection for panel construction and to enhance repeatability of such studies. On site survey technique was employed by administering a questionnaire and conducting simulated assessment of photographs taken using the outline systematic method. The panels had no significant difference in the means of scenic beauty estimate (SBE), an indication that the method used allowed for the difference in observed variation to be due to expected random values of the respective variables. Kendall Tau correlation analysis showed that there was a correlation between visible sky and SBE. From the questionnaire survey, auditory, tactile and olfactory qualities were also shown to be important factors that influence environmental preference. Urban open green space was shown to have multiple functions from the users' context.The second part was the spectral analysis; the ever continuing improvement in digital photography capability unveils its potential to revolutionize remote sensing technology, which promises many users a reduced cost and flexible approaches to remote sensing. The realization of this, however, calls for more or less equal efforts in evaluating and assessing digital photography capability as users perceptively continue to unveil potential

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