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Rai Afaq Ali(瑞扬)  
【摘要】:Delta robot is a novel parallel mechanism with three degrees of freedom for translational motion. It has fair good dynamic property and is widely used in light industry as packaging, food and me machinery. In this thesis, kinematics and dynamics analysis of a certain of Delta robot are studied. The motion planning based lame curve and cam motion rules are carried out respectively. Vibration properties are also given based on experiments.The main research contents includes that:(1) Kinematic performance constraints. Based on the Jacobian matrix and its inverse, two types of pressure/transmission angles are defined, with which the direct and indirect singularities can be identified in a straightforward manner. Consequently, the algebraic characteristics can be closely related to the geometry of the system through the transmission angles. These angles can be used to describe the motion/force transmission behaviors in a visible manner. Dynamic performance indices. Two novel global dynamic performance indices associated respectively with the inertial and centrifuge/Coriolis components of the driving torque are proposed for minimization. The singular configurations of the robot can fully be investigated by those new indices.(2) The trajectory planning of pick-and-place motion are studied. The method to generate the motion trajectories are carried out based on cam motion rules. Modified sine motion rule for cam mechanism is used to generate the trajectory for place and pick motion. The comparisons between this method and Lame curve are given too. According to the analysis, the trajectory based cam motion can attitude the residual vibration of moving platform effectively.(3) The flexible dynamic model of the robot is formulated using substructure displacement method. With this model, two the performance indices are proposed in terms of energy consumption and dynamic accuracy. The effects of structural parameters on the performance indices and the constraint are investigated in depth via an example, enabling a set of optimized structural parameters to be obtained for achieving good dynamic performance throughout the entire workspace.

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