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【摘要】:Objective: explore Fascin protein expression in urinary bladder carcinoma cells and its clinicopathological significance. Method: clinicopathological data of 81 cases of urinary bladder carcinoma were collected, and detected the Fascin protein expression in tissue of urinary bladder carcinoma and normal bladder tissue of the control group using immunohistochemistry method. Result: the normal urinary bladder tissues had no Fascin expression; the Fascin expressions in 75 cases (92. 6%) of 81cases of urinary bladder carcinoma were positive, among which 15 cases were strongly positive, 27 cases moderately positive and 33 cases weakly positive. Those with high malignancy had more diffused staining. They were divided into four groups based on the pathological grading standards of tumor: urinary tract tumor group, negative control group, Group of Grade I, Group of Grade II and Group of Grade III. And each group had substantial differences with the negative control group of urinary tract tumors (p0. 0001), The comparisons of these groups both had statistical significance (P0. 05). They were again divided into five groups based on the TNM staging method: negative control group of urinary tract tumors, Group T0-T1, Group T2, Group T3 and Group T4, And each group had substantial differences with the negative control group of urinary tract tumors (P0. 0001), And the comparison results of the two groups all had statistical significance with the exception of Group T0-T1 and Group T4 (P0. 05), and the all the rest had no statistical significance (P0. 05). With the elevation of urinary bladder carcinoma stage, the tumor’s infiltration depth is constantly increased, the tumor broke through the serosal layer and even metastasized to the adjacent and distant tissues and the positive rate of Fascin protein expression was gradually elevated. Conclusion: Fascin protein had positive expressions in urinary bladder carcinoma and its metastasis focus, and was correlated to the incidence of urinary bladder carcinoma, local development and metastasis, it had expression continuity in urinary bladder carcinoma and its metastasis focus; Fascin protein expression facilitates the judgment of the invasion and metastasis and urinary bladder carcinoma and it become a new therapeutic target.

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中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前10条
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中国重要报纸全文数据库 前10条
1 本报特约撰稿 四月;膀胱癌新药剑指转移型、复发型高地[N];医药经济报;2018年
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5 刘晨;膀胱癌猛于虎?[N];中国医药报;2015年
6 北京大学肿瘤医院泌尿外科副主任医师 杜鹏 刘辰 整理;尿血无痛警惕膀胱癌[N];光明日报;2014年
7 上海长海医院中医肿瘤科 郑国银;膀胱癌会传染吗?[N];上海中医药报;2012年
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10 记者 高原;增加罹患膀胱癌风险[N];新华每日电讯;2010年
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