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Development of Supermarket Management Information System

Elizabeth Sylvester Mkoba  
【摘要】:Supermarket is a Business organization that provides customers with all of the products and services they need on their shopping. 'Customer Satisfaction without Compromise "has been the slogan right from the Supermarket 's inception. Committed to Excellence in all spheres of activities is the primary goal of the Supermarket. The functionality of the Supermarket is, Supermarket purchase products from various Suppliers, products are displayed in the shelves categorized by the product category, and the customers buy goods from the Supermarket. When a customer purchases an items, transaction process is carried out such that the current inventory count is decreased. At the end of the business hours. Daily sale report is generated and submitted to the Management. Every business today faces two challenges: Increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. As industries continue to face tougher global competition, the demand for top quality products, superior customer services and guaranteed low prices grows more acute. Competing successfully in today's market place access to a powerful software application that can support the enterprise is vital for managing these challenges successfully and keeping a competitive edge. The main objective of this project is to develop a Supermarket Management Information system which equips an enterprise with the necessary capabilities to integrate and synchronize the isolated functions into streamlined business process, in order to give a competitive edge to the firm in a turbulent business environment. The module identified are Purchasing, Sales, Accounts and Personnel module. Client /Server architecture is implemented for the daily business transactions and in Managerial level activities. The design makes use of Crystal Report Seagate Package 4.6 to integrate with Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Software and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 for generating various reports and queries needed in the Supermarket for business analysis. Furthermore the Crystal reports technique has been implemented in printing a sales Receipt to customer after sale. Graphics User Interface (GUI) has been implemented as a user friendly for data capturing and manipulation. The GUI technique is designed by using Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition, which uses ActiveX Data Object (ADO) model to write and read the data in the Microsoft SQL Server 7.0. For Security purpose, the design has login restrictions , when the system operator has logged in the Login Status changed to "1" . Login using the same USERID and PASSWORD when the Login status is "I" is not accepted. The login status is changed to "0" when the system operator logs out from the system.

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