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【摘要】:In2010, biological medicine industry was identified as strategic new industry. In the future, China's biological medicine industry will face rapid development. Industry layout and adjustment will meet great opportunity. At present, China's biological medicine industry development salient features are:Biological medicine industry in its early, large investment and cycle is long, the risk is high. It need outside capital support. At the same time the existing loans financing, equity financing, mergers restructuring and can't meet the way the development of biological medicine industry needs. So, as a kind of new financing tools development biological medicine industry funds have great practical significance. This paper from the macro environment analysis.Through to the biological medicine industry and market detailed analysis, find A company investment opportunities and threats. Then, on A company internal environment are analyzed and summarized the advantages and disadvantages of company A. Finally, Combined with4M pattern on the screening of investment projects and by A company for external, internal factor evaluation matrix. Puts forward A company growth development strategy. This paper investment strategy achievement has reference value to the company A investment direction and improve investment income.

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中国硕士学位论文全文数据库 前10条
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中国重要报纸全文数据库 前10条
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10 证券时报记者  于扬;基金投资管理人执业操守为重[N];证券时报;2006年
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